🎊Congratulations to Kao, Yu-Chien, a graduate of this program, for participating in the 16th TSC Thesis Award in 2023 and winning the Dissertation Excellence Award in the Biotechnology and Medical Industry category.

The Chongyue Thesis Award is currently the largest master's and doctoral thesis competition in the country and is known as the "Oscars of Management".
高郁茜 master’s thesis in this program passed three rigorous written and oral report reviews. It stood out among 1,071 papers from 77 universities and won the recognition of excellence.
The winning topic is "The impact of multi-disciplinary teams on potentially inappropriate medication use in patients with advanced cancer at the end of life".

Congratulations to 高郁茜! Congratulations to the instructors Assistant Professor 陳韵宜 and Professor 林寬佳!