Associate Professor Wen-Hsu Lin

Associate Professor Wen-Hsu Lin

Contact number:(02) 2826-7000 #67175

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○ Ph.D. in Criminology, University of South Florida

南佛羅里達大學 犯罪學博士 (2011)

● Current position

○ 國立陽明交通大學衛生福利研究所副教授


○ 中央研究院社會學研究所博士後研究員 (2015.04. – 2017.07.)

○ 文藻大學校務發展組博士後研究員 (2014.09. – 2015.03.)

○ 中央研究院社會學研究所博士後研究員 (2012.02. – 2014.07.)

○ International Journal of Social Work 國際學術期刊編輯委員 (2014 -)

○ International Journal of Sociology and Criminology 國際學術期刊編輯委員 (2013 -)


○ 科技部計畫

1. 109學年度「青少年負面經驗與成年階段有問題網路使用之關聯:直接與間接影響」

2. 108學年度「探究青少年時期初次性行為與成年時期菸酒行為以及心理健康間的關聯」

3. 107學年度「台灣青少年身心健康與成年行為:生理與社會脈絡的生命歷程觀」

○ 2017 台灣基督信仰與社會調查

○ 2015 台灣青少年成長歷第二階段調查

○ 2014 台灣青少年成長歷第二階段父母調查

○ 2013 台灣青少年成長歷程配偶樣本調查

○ 2012 台灣基督信仰與社會調查



Research interest



○ Introduction to adolescent health

○ Social Epidemiology

○ 醫療與社會(醫療、社會與健康)

○ 社會科學與行為原理

○ 生活中的行為科學

Books (or research publications) Updated in August 2021

○ 代表著作

  1. Lin, W.-H, & Gebel, M. (2021). Education tracking and adolescent smoking: A counterfactual and prospective cohort study. Addiction, 116, 1871-1881.
  2. Lin, W.-H, & Chiao, C. (2020). Adverse adolescence experiences, feeling lonely across life stages and loneliness in adulthood. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 20, 243-252.
  3. Lin W.-H, Liu, C.-H, Yi, C.-C. (2020). Exposure to sexually explicit media in early adolescence is related to risky sexual behavior in emerging adulthood. PLos One, 15, e0230242.
  4. Lin, W.-H., Pan, W.-C. & Yi, C.-C. (2019). “Happiness in the air” the effects of air pollution on adolescent happiness. BMC Public Health, 19, 757.
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  6. Yi, C.-C. Lin, W.-H.*, & Ma., J. K.-H. (2019). Marital satisfaction among Taiwanese young married couples: The importance of cultural norms. Journal of Family Issue, 40, 2015-2043.
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  10. Lin, W-H., & Yi, C-C. (2016). Educational tracking and juvenile deviance in Taiwan: Direct effect, indirect effect, or both. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 60, 326-348


  1. 林文旭(2021)。基督宗教與生死:基督信仰對於死刑、安樂死以及墮胎影響。
  2. 伊慶春、蘇國賢(主編)。改變中的台灣基督教面貌:台灣基督教會的社會學分析。台大出版社。


  1. Lin, W.-H., & Chiao, C. (Accepted). The long shadow of adverse childhood experience and its association with internet addiction in adulthood. Annual Meeting of American Public Health Association.
  2. Lin, W.-H., & Chiao, C. (2021, April). Does adverse childhood experience increase heavy smoking in emerging adulthood? The role of not in education, employment, or training status. Population Association of America Annual Meeting, Virtual Meeting.
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  6. Lin, W.-H., & Yi, C-C. (2016, May). Family environment, pubertal timing and adolescent sexuality: An analysis from the Taiwan youth project. Paper presented at The CASS-RC06 Joint Conference, in Beijing, China.
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